This week I’m featuring an interview with Jenni Holbrook-Talty of Who Dares Wins Publishing. It’s a provocative discussion about the publishing industry. Some of the comments I’ve received are: “An eye-opening summary,” “informative” and “Jenni lays out the reality of publishing.”

You can listen to our discussion or download an MP3 file at:

Next week, starting January 10, 2011, I’ll feature Cynthia Arsuaga. We’ll discuss her background, her writing and her new book, Born To Be Wild (available January 12th from Secret Cravings Publishing).

The Romance Radio Network will post at least one audio interview per week with an author or publisher. I really enjoy speaking with the wonderful people and get to know them, while learning about what they do and how they do it.

All of these interviews are audio and you can play them from the RRN web site or download a MP3 file to put on your iPod or other portable audio player (or listen through your computer).

All my interviews are available at the Romance Radio Network web site (