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Desmond Haas on October 16th, 2011

  Jenn LeBlanc I have several constants in life that define me: Colorado, Canon, CJ, kids and curls. Born and raised in a household of other people’s children in this beautiful state —very nearly with a camera in hand— I never left. I started my own family, got used to the curls, went to college, […]

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Desmond Haas on October 2nd, 2011

Natasha Larry Natasha Larry resides in Huntsville, Alabama with her daughter and fiancé. She graduated from Tusculum College with a B.A. in History and is currently working on getting her certificate in education. Apart from writing, she is a self-proclaimed comic book nerd and urban fantasy junkie. Her poetry and short fiction has appeared in […]

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Desmond Haas on September 15th, 2011

Nora Weston Nora’s publishing credits include the anthologies Mind Mutations, Cyber Pulp’s Halloween 3.0, and Dark Pleasures. Other venues in print and online include; The Hacker’s Source, The Dream People, Hoboeye, Abandoned Towers, Dark Moon Rising, Shadowkeep, Insolent Rudder, Poe Little Thing, Soul Engravings, Dark Walls, The Murder Hole, Word Salad, Lost in the Dark, […]

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Desmond Haas on June 18th, 2011

Months ago, I had interviewed Nancy Gaffney and enjoyed both the conversation and her book Prey for Closure. Weeks back, she sent me a copy of her new book, at the time unpublished, and asked for my opinion. Understanding it to be science fiction, I held off my reading, due both to being busy, but […]

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Desmond Haas on May 20th, 2011

Growing up, I was a science fiction freak, reading everything the school library held, then traveling on Saturday mornings to the Miami Public Library to feed my addiction. When Frances Pauli sent me a copy of her book, The Dimensional Shift, I immediately went into an approach-avoidance conflict. This is the Romance Radio Network after […]

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