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I had the pleasure of interviewing Lynn Gutierrez and Bill Robertson from Stirring Up Romance. After interviewing over 100 authors, I wanted to get a fresh take on romance as to what it is and how its perceived by both men and women.

We had a lively discussion with plenty of laughs where Bill and Lynn told me about their web site / community and themselves. Listen to us as we roll back the mysteries of romance.


Welcome to the Stirring Up Romance online community.

Stirring Up Romance is for everyone:

  •     If you’re already happy and have lots of romance in your relationship, great, it’s for you!
  •     If you are in a good relationship, but something is missing, perfect, it’s for you, too!
  •     If you are unhappy, but want your relationship to be everything that it can be, then Stirring Up Romance is really for you!

Our mission statement is; To spread romance around the World, one couple at time.

We invite you to join us in our commitment by sharing this website with your family and friends.

Throughout the Stirring Up Romance website you will find tips, tools, ideas, suggestions, gifts and more, which will help you and your sweetheart have more romance in your life.

While much of the site is open to everyone, some of the pages on this site have limited access to members only. In order to fulfill our mission of spreading romance around the world, we have kept the membership very affordable at under $2.50 per month.

We encourage you to explore the entire website and to return often, since we are committed to keeping the website current, by adding Recipes of the Week, Weekly Romance Tips, Fantasies of the Month, periodical Romance Blogs, Members Only Events and much more.

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The Stirring Up Romance interview show running time: 41 minutes, 00 seconds

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  1. Desmond:

    Thank you for the wonderful interview.

    We enjoyed speaking with you!

    Lynn and Bill

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