Maiden of Monaco by Rico Lamoureux

Maiden of Monaco by Rico Lamoureux

Rico Lamoureux

I’ve been living in a Southeast Asian country for quite a number of years now, but it’s only been this past year that I’ve added

English Tutor to my resume.

For a couple of hours a day I go to a mansion once owned by one of the Vice Presidents of the Philippines, now converted into an English academy, where I tutor South Korean students in English as a Second Language. It has been through this experience that I’ve learned an interesting lesson about teaching. No matter how much you wish students would absorb all you have to share with them, they’re teens, and therefore have other priorities in their lives. But this doesn’t stop me from trying my best to try and add some passion to their curriculum.

In Asia, too much emphasis is put on memorization, and not enough on individuality and creativity. I do what I can to broaden these young fresh minds, encouraging them to choose topics of interest for their reading and writing assignments. I remind them that even the great Albert Einstein believed in exercising the right side of the brain, with quotes like “imagination is more important than knowledge”.

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