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Purple Knot by Raquel Byrnes

Raquel Byrne’s book, Purple Knot, is a romantic murder mystery/suspense, masterfully written. The main character, Rayna (Rain) Cruz has moved to California, from Seattle, to escape a worrisome engagement to her fiance, Jimmy. During her time in California, she has built a thriving private investigative company and, other than her own personal demons, she is content. She is content until she is called back to Seattle by Jimmy, because her best friend, Summer (Jimmy’s sister), is in the hospital, beaten and left for dead.

What Raquel Byrnes has done is craft an excellent character study, wrapped in a suspense novel and done so while feeding us dollops of facts with a few red herrings. Rayna and Jimmy are thrust together to solve the murder and, along the way, examine their relationship, trying to determine what went wrong. I highly recommend Purple Knot.

Raquel Byrnes Web Site: http://www.raquelbyrnes.com/

Purple Knot at White Rose Publishing: http://rrn.me/m69RXH

Buy Purple Knot at Amazon: http://rrn.me/ijyeAS

The Raquel Byrnes Interview Show Running Time: 34 minutes, 30 seconds

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