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Love Bats Last by Pamela Aares

Pamela Aares

Pamela has always loved great stories. She writes the books she wants to read, unfurling stories that entertain, transport and inspire dreams. She laces her contemporary and historic series with spell-binding, sensual romance, unique and captivating plots and complex characters that make you believe in love all over again.

Before becoming a romance author, Pamela had a successful career as an award-winning writer, producer, and director of PBS documentaries, including Your Water, Your Life featuring actress Susan Sarandon and the NPR radio series New Voices. She completed a Master’s Degree at Harvard and helped non-profit organizations develop their programs to champion the beauty and importance of nature and improve the lives of wild animals.

While taking a break from producing “The Powers of the Universe,” she trawled a favorite bookstore for a transporting and uplifting story. But the books the clerk recommended were bleak and dreary. After Pamela politely turned down the umpteenth suggestion, the kindly clerk said, “Oh, I see—you like romance. We don’t have any of those.” Then she grinned and added,  “If you know what kind of stories you love, why not write them?”

So that’s what Pamela did.

She’d always known that stories guided and inspired. Knew too that the irresistible power of allure pulsed at the very heart of the universe. It made perfect sense to her that romance powered the stories that captivated the heart and transformed the soul. Tapping her love of story to write luscious novels of love, discovery and adventure was a natural next step. Her historical romances bring the past alive through the lens of far-reaching, powerful love stories and her contemporary series transport readers into the complex and thrilling world of modern romance.

Love Bats Last

A stormy night changes their lives forever…

The baseball diamond isn’t the only field for all-star player Alex Tavonesi; he also runs his family’s prestigious vineyard. What he can’t seem to run is his love life. He’s closing in on the perfect vintage and the perfect game, but so far the perfect woman has eluded him.

Veterinarian Jackie Brandon is eluding her aristocratic past and memories of a soccer star who jilted her just before their wedding. She devotes herself to a marine mammal rescue center on the northern California coast, where hundreds of seals and sea lions are washing up dead.

A chance meeting in a midnight storm brings Alex and Jackie together to rescue a stranded whale.
Watching her work, he realizes she’s the passionate, courageous woman he thought he’d never find–he just has to overcome her deep distrust of jocks. Jackie’s passion and courage lead her to discover what’s killing the sea mammals. The culprits want to silence her, and Alex is the only one standing in their way. What will he sacrifice to save the woman he loves?

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