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Love Bleeds by Maggie James

As I read Maggie James’s book, Love Bleeds, I realized how normal she had made her characters, especially Joseph, the hero vampire. Usually, when I read a vampire saga, the fanged ones are stylized men, super fit, handsome as hell and mostly formal—think royalty, for instance. Here, Joe and his clan are rock stars and not deposed counts or princes. This, I believe, is what makes Love Bleeds stand out from the rest.

Now, just making your main vampire character out to be regular ‘Joes’ is not enough. The author must create snappy dialog, unique to each character and a strong narrative voice. Maggie James has done that and more. All of the main players, Joseph, Phillip, Katarina and Nina are all vivid, as are the secondary people, including the feisty Irishman, Max.

Desmond rates Love Bleeds as Highly Recommended

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