Betrayal by Lucy-anne Smith

Betrayal by Lucy-anne Smith

It was delightful speaking with Lucy-anne about her first published book, Betrayal, and how she started writing. Her tenacity and willfulness pushed her through many years working on the same book. Many would have given up during this time, but she had this drive carrying her five years working on Betrayal.

Her book is character driven with the cast full-on realized–each with their own foibles and attributes. This is an interesting, well done book, especially as it’s her first. While I have read some reviews taking her to task over her British colloquialisms, Lucy-anne is from the U.K. and like a writer from New Orleans, here in the U.S., or from the mid-west, the book wouldn’t make a whole lotta sense if she had British characters speaking as if they were from the Bronx, New York.


Life in the English suburbs has always been boring and loveless for Bethenny Anne Dempsey. When her sister Samantha returns from America with tall, tanned new boyfriend Russell in tow, Beth’s life no longer seems so dull.

The Californian stirs forbidden desires within her. Desires that would surely destroy her family. Desires upon which she and Russell must not act. Fleeing to a Swiss ski resort, Beth tries desperately to purge her heart, body and mind of Russell. While there, she throws herself headlong into a rebound romance whose final destination, Beth hopes, will be the altar. But, Beth and Russell’s desperate yearning for one another ignites a firestorm of deceit that threatens to consume their entire world.

Will Beth be left being the one who commits the worst betrayal of all?

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Lucy-anne Smith Interview Running Time: 31 minutes, 00 seconds

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