Kim Richards is the CEO of Eternal Press and Damnation Books. She and I discuss the fascinating world of publishing and insights as to what goes on behind the scenes. As always, when I speak with publishers, I’m interested in their view of the industry. Publishing is changing, more rapidly than we can sometimes understand and, having Kim explain it from her point of view, shows all of us her unique perspective.

From the Eternal Press web site:

Eternal Press was originally founded in 2007 as an Australian company by Julie A. D’Arcy. Through her hard work and dedication Eternal Press was born and gained its own footing in the publishing industry. Then late 2008, Ally Robertson bought the company and moved it to Canada where it continued to grow. Ally brought a much needed internal structure. Now, Eternal Press is owned by Damnation Books, LLC out of California, USA, keeping Ms. Robertson on as head of the new production department.

From the Damnation Books web site:

Damnation Books was born from the hearts of those who love dark fiction and are tired of wading through romance epublishers and shrinking bookstore shelves to find their horror, dark fantasy, paranormals, thrillers, science fiction and dark-themed erotica. We’ve heard your cries, “We want our own plane of existence!” Damnation Books was born to serve you lovers of the dark, The Damned Nation, whatever shadows you may occupy.

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