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Hunger by Karen E. Taylor

The more I read of Karen E. Taylor’s book, Hunger, the more intrigued I became. The lead protagonist, Diedre Griffin, is a vampire and has been so reluctantly for many generations. Diedre is a fashion designer, living as a human as much as she can, while concealing her nocturnal ways. During an investigation, she meets Detective Mitch Geer, who wants to interview her about a homicide near the night club where she goes to meet men for the sole purpose of sipping a little blood, mentally satisfying their pleasure centers, but never killing them.


Karen E. Taylor writes Diedre fully aware of her needs as a vampire, but trying to live within the human population, where she feels comfortable, but part of her secret is a driving need to find the sire who turned her and eliminate him. As the relationship with Mitch heats up, she’s caught between his world and hers.

Karen E. Taylor – Bio from her web site:

In real life, I’m the mother of two sons and have been married for 32+ years. I’m owned by two cats and a dog. Not just any dog, but a soft-coated wheaten terrier. And if you know terriers, that alone should be enough to strike terror into your very soul. In my spare time I make candles and cosmetic creams/lotions. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and attended Grove City College where I studied for a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Communications.  I’ve lived in all sorts of places, from Pittsburgh, to Grove City, to Richmond, to Laurel.  Most recently, I’m loving living in Los Angeles, but soon will relocate back to the east coast,(Northern Virginia) where I will stay for another few years until (fingers crossed) moving back to the west coast.  I do so like it here.

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