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A Little Push by Jennifer Steen

Jennifer Steen

A woman of 29 years, Jennifer Steen lives in Leander TX, with her husband and three children.

She enjoys watching historical documentaries, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, talking about making homemade soap (even though she’s too lazy to do it anymore), playing the marimba (once a year for church), tickling her kids, driving in her brand new cherry red car, and thinking about those coconut shrimp they used to sell at the Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterrey, California.

If you find this disturbing, then you should probably know that this is far better than what she used to type into the text boxes for personal website crap. Now her prospective occupation is no longer bag-lady, or withered dreg of society, but author. Some would argue the difference is moot but we (I’m using the royal we here, in case anyone is afraid I’m talking to myself or to my imaginary friends) are quite satisfied that this is a move in the right direction.

She is currently pursuing a degree in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, and hopes to continue her recent successes in offering her oddly-satisfying fiction to the public.

A Little Push

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Rain Plays Barefoot by Jennifer Steen

A Little Push” is a true-to-life short story about a mother of three who is facing the loss of a parent.

Some have never been in a situation like this.  They hear about recession and poverty levels and the difficulties of a stay-at-home-mother, but it’s always someone else—just another statistic.  Like Jess says, her husband was just another number in the system.  This story brings out a small portion of that life, which I can assure you is all too common, and gives those outsiders a chance at a better understanding.

Take a glimpse into Jess’ world; grab yourself a copy of “A Little Push” today!


-Cassie McCown at Gathering Leaves Reviews

Rain Plays Barefoot

It’s seventh grade.  Uncomfortable at thirteen, Rain watches as her friends morph into ‘hair-flinging gossip mines’ and the pressure mounts to get ‘girlie’ using curling irons and make-up.  Utterly sick of the table talk revolving around ‘boys, boys…freaking boys everywhere…,’  she privately wishes that men didn’t make up half of the population, so maybe her friends would talk about something else. The only girl percussionist in her Middle School’s history, she finds she’s surprisingly good at something she shouldn’t be, and overwhelmingly flawed at everything else. Then she’s cornered with a crush that threatens to turn her into a ‘boy-crazy priss’ and chip her status as ‘one of the guys.’  At the climax, she overhears a conversation, back behind the soda machines, that seriously challenges her standards.  In short, she learns who she is, what she wants, and that she doesn’t like to dance.

Jennifer Steen’s Web Site: http://www.jensteen.net/

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