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The Banishing by Fiona Dodwell

Fiona Dodwell has been obsessed with horror since she was a child. Believe me, it shows readily in her book, The Banishing. In this story, we read with fascination, as Melissa watches her husband, Mark, change from the man she married to a darker, malevolent semblance of his former self and sink rapidly further. As time goes on, Mark gets progressively worse, physically and mentally abusing his wife.

Fiona’s deft touch shows as she drives her characters as if they are succumbing to the inexorable draw of a whirlpool, ever dropping into unknown depths. We read how Mark changes, stage by stage, to where there is little to resemble who he used to be, a loving and considerate husband. It takes skill to methodically write your character, adding and changing the personality and bring the reader along for this scary ride

About the book:
When Melissa first notices the change in her husband – subtle at first – she thinks it may be the stress of moving into their new home. Or working long hours. But soon her husband turns into something far darker, far more sinister. Who or what is the dark shadow living beneath her husband? What is haunting him? Melissa must quickly find the answer to these questions, because Mark is changing, and fast. Soon her fight will be for her life, as well as for her marriage.

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