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Better Than 8: Fantasy by Erin Jamison

One of the beautiful benefits I have in producing the Romance Radio Network is meeting both established and new authors. Erin Jamison is one of the latter and her debut novella, Better Than 8: Fantasy is an auspicious entrance. One of the areas she “gets” is the interaction between girl friends. When you read the scenes where these friends meet, you will think you’re in the room with them.

From Erin Jamison’s web site:

An avid reader by nature, Erin Jamison dreamed of telling stories of her very own. Mustering her bravado, she forged ahead to create a series of stories that promote individuality, confidence, fearlessness, fortitude, and passion. She writes sensual erotic stories of women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it for women who want a bit of a thrill too.

Desmond Haas recommends Better Than 8: Fantasy – A great beach read for the summer.

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