The Enemy We Know

The Enemy We Know by Donna White Glaser

Originally, I met Donna Glaser when she asked me to review the formatting of her book. Of course, as I went through the book, I also read it. The Enemy We Know turned out to be a fascinating whodunit, with exceptional characters.¬†Donna’s creates wonderfully flawed people and, in this book, going through recovery. The main character, Letty, is a recovering alcoholic working¬†as a psychotherapist at a counseling center.

What drew me into the story was Donna Glaser’s intimate account of what happens to people, not the overt, surface events, such as AA meetings, counseling and sponsorship, but what happens in the mind of recovering alcoholics. Letty is not the typical strong willed female protagonist, but someone fighting to keep her head above water, while treading through a series of murders.

Desmond Highly Recommends The Enemy We Know

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