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Her Virtual Consort by Dee Brice

A messed up Marsian Queen, trying to find her way in her personal life and mix in a banished prince from another world, sent by the Gods, albeit with issues and you have the set up for Her Virtual Consort.

Dee Brice mixes mythology and the age old regal problem of producing an heir. Jirkar, the banished prince, now alone because he lacks the markings of his royal caste, comes to Mars as a last resort to find a home world or otherwise spend the rest of his life on spaceships. It’s a wonderful story and, most of all, has chocolate as a prime ingredient. Who could ask for anything more?

From Dee Brice’s Web Site:

Dee believes she was born with a pen in one hand and a writing pad in the other. Determined not to work in an office, this wannabe actress never learned to type well. She still composes with pen and pad, then transcribes her manuscripts onto her computer. Sometimes Dee and her dictation program are best friends; more often they are mortal enemies.

Dee Brice’s Web Site: http://www.deebrice.com/

Dee Brice’s Blog: http://deesdites.blogspot.com/?zx=5c317f078462f87e

Buy Dee Brice’s Books on Amazon.com: http://rrn.me/miYVDG

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Dee Brice at extasybooks.com: http://rrn.me/k0fVkM


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