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50 Things… Before You Write Your Book by Cynthia MacGregor

Multi-published freelance author/editor Cynthia MacGregor has over 50 published books to her credit, most of them conventional paper but a few e-books too. She’s written “everything from catalog copy to promotional video scripts to website copy to… you name it” in addition to all those books “and a great deal more books that haven’t seen the light of print yet…but I’m still looking for homes for them.”

As well, she has edited numerous magazines and books and websites. Writing is not only her career, it is also one of her hobbies, chiefly in that she writes all the plays produced by the Palm Springs Players, a community theatre group in the village of Palm Springs, “the one in Florida…not its rich and famous namesake in California. I don’t get a penny for the plays,” she says, “but it’s fun.” Not surprisingly, she also enjoys wordplay, specifically punnery, and is a member of the online punsters’ group PUNY and a frequent attendee at the annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship, held each May in Austin TX, where she sometimes appears as a contestant and sometimes is a judge. Her other hobby is cooking “and entertaining, ‘cause if you’re going to cook, you need to have victims…I mean beneficiaries…to eat up all that food.”

The self-described “happiest woman in the world,” Cynthia avers that “there is no one in the world I’d want to trade lives with.”

Cynthia MacGregor’s Web Site: http://oaboa.pair.com/cynthiam/cynthia/index.html

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