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The Cougar and Her Vampire by Cynthia Arsuaga

I count Cynthia Arsuaga as one of my friends in the industry. As you may know, I’ve had her on this show twice before. The first time I talked about her writing background and her book, Born to Be Wild. Later, I interviewed Cynthia and her husband, Mike, about their collaboration, My Life as A Dog. Now, I am pleased to interview her again for her new book, The Cougar and Her Vampire

The Cougar and Her Vampire
Recently divorced Payton Fleming vacations in Crete, looking for a quiet resort to get away from the chaos of the death of her best friend, a serial killer, and an ex-husband.

The adventure at the resort brings more than she expected—a young man with a story to tell. Concerned with the age difference, Payton knows there is something else he is keeping from her.

Christian MacKenzie is an entrepreneur in the hospitality and entertainment business, owner of Nocturnal Entertainment and Hospitality Corporation, luxury resorts and nightclubs around the world. He escapes to his favorite resort on Crete, and meets his vision of a Greek goddess, a mysterious beauty, but fears she will reject him because of what he is, a vampire.

After returning to Miami, and a rival from his past threatens their happiness, will their love survive all the obstacles along the way?

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Cynthia Arsuaga Interview Show Running Time: 35 minutes, 50 seconds

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  1. Thanks for having me on again Desmond. I hope I didn’t come across ditsy, but I apologize to all that hear this interview. I had just been released from the hospital several days before and still was recovering. Next time I promise to be 100% and use another phone!

    Thanks again Desmond.

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