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The Cowboy and the Vampire by Clark Hays & Kathleen McFall

Clark Hays

I’m a writer, poet and lapsed cowboy currently living in Portland, Oregon, with my life and writing partner Kathleen McFall. Our first book, “The Cowboy and the Vampire,” is back from the dead. It was re-released October 2010 by Midnight Ink.

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Kathleen McFall

“The Cowboy and the Vampire” is my first novel. I had been writing for many years before that, but my focus was on journalism and science writing. I fell into the writing life without any real intent – my early years were spent working as a petroleum geologist (yes, you read that correctly) until I discovered that writing about science and energy was more fun than fieldwork and petrographic analysis.

The words came easily and people were willing to pay for my ability to translate scientific jargon and concepts into everyday language. I freelanced for over a decade, was a senior staff writer for McGraw-Hill and a regional stringer for Financial Times/Energy. Now I work for a major university where I still get to write about science along with health and policy.

Clark and I wrote this book together shortly after we fell in love and the book embodies that gravity-defying feeling of falling head over heels for someone, the wonder of it all, along with the growing realization that such love cannot be fought, denied or escaped. For two such independent people as we were before we met, that was unsettling.

The Cowboy and The Vampire

Wyoming cowboy Tucker falls in love with the least likely person: Lizzie Vaughan, a reporter from New York who disrupts his life by writing an article about him, pegging him as the last living cowboy. While researching a new story on vampires, Lizzie becomes frightened, and returns to Wyoming and the waiting arms of Tucker. But the vampires, convinced that she is their queen, track her down, kidnap her, and bring her back to New York. Tucker, with his faithful dog, Rex, in tow, heads to New York ready to face whatever vampire terrors await him for the sake of his true love, Lizzie. But he arrives too late. Julius, the head vampire, has already turned Lizzie into one of his creatures. But love prevails, and Lizzie and Tucker must find a way to stay together–and stay out of the sun.

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