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Talk To Me by Cassandra Carr

Sometimes I get a little concerned before I interview a first-time author. Cassandra Carr, the author of Talk To Me (Loose-Id Publishing) hit all the right notes on her first book and, when we first spoke, I knew it was going to be a fun interview.

Her book is about a Buffalo, New York radio producer, Jamie MacMahon, coming to the big city, New York, to be a producer on Drew Milan’s radio show. Drew is an ex-hockey player, now hosting a big-time show on the sport. Besides getting to strut her knowledge of hockey, Jamie attracts Drew’s attention. The interplay between these two characters is what makes this book work. Besides the obvious physical and sexual attraction, they become friends and banter, both on and off the air. The conflict is Drew’s past as a player, not in hockey, but as a man used to enjoying dalliances without commitment and Jamie’s refusal to be just another bed partner, not withstanding becoming involved with her boss and a fellow employee.

From Cassandra Carr’s Web Site:

So who am I? I’ve been writing my whole life, but only decided to pursue writing as a career in the past couple of years. I’m lucky to have an incredibly supportive husband named Inspiration who brings home the bacon so I can stay home and fry it (and eat it all before he’s able to fight through the rush hour traffic – I’m mean that way, but like I always say, don’t get between a woman and her bacon).

I live in Western New York with Inspiration and our young daughter, Too Cute for Words. I’m a major hockey fan, which explains why many of my heroes are hockey players. If you haven’t looked at the guys playing the sport today, search for some images. You won’t be disappointed.

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Editorial: My editorial at the top of the show takes Rep. Jesse Jackson (D-IL) to task over his comments regarding the loss of publishing jobs due to the iPad.

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