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Candy Caine’s specialty is interracial romance —  a sub-genre that has been sorely overlooked in recent years by major publishers. Every work by Candy delicately balances romance, passion, and what it means to fall in love with someone of a different race and cultural background. Her claims to success over the years are not only due to great writing, but also dishing up great stories—romance with a little bit of spice!

With some 200 short stories, several novels and novellas published, hot and spicy Candy Caine keeps her husband, Robert, on his toes in their Long Island, NY home. Supportive of her writing career, he’s always willing to help her make certain the scenes in her stories are authentic. When asked why she began to write, Candy says: “I’ve always loved books and my biggest thrill is to bring the joy of reading to others.

Because of You

Defying her parents by marrying Adam, a white man, Jill Stone believed love could conquer all. And throughout Adam’s rise as an executive in a large New York advertising agency, Jill bottled up her unhappiness about his long hours and many trips out of town. But when their sizzling love life fizzled, she couldn’t keep quiet anymore. She wanted him home. More. And in her bed.

Adam recognized his marriage was going down the tubes, but couldn’t exorcise the demons of Jill’s parents thinking he wasn’t good enough for her, and the fear that he might somehow end up a failure like his father. He had to succeed. At all costs. To compound his problems, his latest boss was a gorgeous blonde who took one look at Adam’s buff, six foot- two body and didn’t make any bones about wanting him. Anyway she could get him.

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