Prey For Closure

Prey For Closure

During one of my recent interviews with Nancy Gaffney, I wanted to make a separate recording of her doing a pitch for her book, Prey For Closure. At the end of our session, I asked her to record a short promo.

I wanted her to do it at the end as I felt she would be more relaxed afterward than at the beginning. My original intent was to use this at the beginning or end of the interview, but, in thinking further, I wanted to gift the author with this small tidbit for their own use.

Using Nancy for a test, we recorded about a minute and twenty-one second spot and I did some editing to eliminate a couple of false starts. At the end, I mixed it down to a MP3 file, so she could use it on her web site or download it to an iPod or other personal media player.

When making the MP3 file, I also embedded ‘tags,’ such as title, author and copyright information. The copyright on this spot is in Nancy’s nameā€”it seems only fitting. I also embedded a copy of the cover art for Prey For Closure, thereby making a nice package.

Please take a moment and listen to Nancy pitching Prey For Closure. (Authors: If you would like to create your own spot(s), please contact me. )

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