Desmond Haas

Desmond Haas

Desmond Haas lives in upstate New York, USA, where he hides himself from his family, two dogs and five cats, and pounds on a keyboard to try and make sense of the words and images in his head. Writing, he says, is invisible performance art.

To date, has written five romance books, Never Let You Go, No Time For Love, Sex, Love & Happiness, Moving Forward and The Legend of the Shadow Wolf (Shifter Queen 1), which are contracted and due to be released upon the world this year (2011)

As an author, his perspective as the host of The Romance Radio Network helps him to create a rapport with fellow writers and publishers, while giving the show his personal touch.

Desmond considers himself to be a renaissance man, stuck in time, working with various media, including photography, to express himself. While most of his books and short stories are contemporary erotic romance, he is secretly working on other genres in his underground lair.

The Romance Radio Network (R•R•N) is an show created by Desmond to help promote the sale of romance books (all sub genres). Once he edits the files and uploads them to his servers, he provides the authors and publishers with both a link and instructions to embed a web audio player on their web sites.

Desmond plans on expanding R•R•N to include news and round- tables, some of which may include the members of the public.

He welcomes authors, publishers and artists to contact him via email: (click on the envelope) or through his web site and ask for their shot at fame and fortune.

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  1. Happy Tuesday, Desmond. Just wanted to thank you for a fun interview last night. You were so easy to talk with and I appreciate your support and kind words regarding my writing and forthcoming book “Uncensored Passion”. Again, thanks!

  2. Hi Desmond – thought we were supposed to have an interview tonight at 8 – but I might have misunderstood the time slot and thought it meant 8 central time (my time) when it might have meant 8 eastern. If so, I am so sorry and disappointed because I so wanted to talk with you. Please let me know when we might reschedule. Keeping my fingers crossed. And thanks.

  3. Tessa McKay says:

    Mr. Haas,

    Have been trying to get in touch with you regarding interviews via email but have had messages returned. Is there a different address you use or could you send me a message? Thank you.

    Tessa McKay

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