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I started The Romance Radio Network at the beginning of this year and have posted eighty-nine interviews to date. That’s a rate of almost two per week for the eleven or so months. My dream initially was to provide a service to romance authors (and publishers), along with creating a brand and pushing the Desmond Haas name.

Every writer I’ve interviewed has taught me something new about the craft and I’ve enjoyed each minute of this endeavor. My policy has always been to allow the author to use the audio file and links for whatever purpose they want for promotion. There was never any intention to charge for this service.

The interviews take about forty minutes to record and then another hour, at least, to edit and finally, another hour to post the web notes and send the email to the author and possibly their publisher/agent.

I had hoped these interviews would translate into book sales for me along the way, but, alas, I can’t point to any appreciable numbers generated by name recognition via The Romance Radio Network. The time spent has taken me away from my family and my writing and without creating sales, the interviews have been but a labor of love.

Effective immediately, I am pulling the plug on the interviews. I will accept no more requests, but will fulfill all obligations for recordings in the queue, but not yet posted. Whatever I have left to edit, I will do so as quickly as I can and post the final edited MP3 file and notes.

To all of you I’ve met, you have made me a better person and a better writer. To all who have listened to The Romance Radio Network interviews, I thank you.

Desmond Haas
November 15, 2011

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3 Comments on A Good Run, But It’s Time To Pull The Plug

  1. Desmond,
    Your efforts are much appreciated, and your decision completely understandable. Thank you for giving us such a fantastic opportunity and source of entertainment and information!

    I wish you the best of luck with your next adventure, and everything else.


  2. rmsotera says:


    It is totally understandable that you must do what is best for you and your family. I have enjoyed listening to your interviews. Good luck with your writing.

    All the best.


  3. P. J. Dean says:

    Thanks so very much for an enjoyable, different effort. I will miss listening. Much luck.

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